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Every day, the Allegiant Pilots Association is at the forefront of championing the interests of our profession. Ensuring our pilots have the tools needed to provide our customers the safest flight possible remains the top priority on our agenda. Beyond this, whether it’s through participation in community events or educating the next generation of pilots, our commitment is unwavering in driving progress for the betterment of our Pilots now and for the pilots of tomorrow.


Appropriate Pilot Staffing

 Ensuring we have the right number of qualified pilots on board is not just about meeting operational needs; it’s about upholding the highest standards of safety and reliability that our passengers and crew deserve. Adequate staffing levels are critical for reducing fatigue among pilots, thereby enhancing our ability to make sound decisions and respond effectively to any situation that may arise during flight. Moreover, a well-staffed cockpit supports a better work-life balance, which is essential for maintaining the morale and overall well-being of pilots. This, in turn, contributes to a more positive and productive work environment, ultimately benefiting the airline and its stakeholders.

Industry Standard Insurance and Loss of License Protections

The Allegiant Pilot Union is dedicated to securing top-tier insurance and loss of license protections for our pilots, essential for their career security and well-being. Advocating for these protections is crucial, ensuring pilots and their families are supported during unforeseen challenges. Our commitment reflects the high value we place on our members, promoting a respectful, safe, and focused working environment. Through our advocacy, we aim to uphold the dignity and security of every pilot, reinforcing the foundation of trust and care within our aviation community.

Oppose Mexican Air Carrier Partnership

Although we are in the midst of contract negotiations with Allegiant, we do not trust the airline’s pitch that pilots would get as much or more flying time than their Viva counterparts. We believe Allegiant eventually would offshore most of the flying to the Mexican pilots since they are paid considerably less than Allegiant pilots.

Allegiant already benefits from significantly lower labor costs than any other comparable industry peer and has every intention of keeping it that way. This proposed joint venture is a further attempt by Allegiant management to circumvent rising labor standards and market pressures for increased wages for airline pilots in America.

Industry Standard Pay

 Every airline, even regional carriers, pay their pilots more than Allegiant, making Allegiant pilots the lowest paid Airbus pilots in the industry. Our goal with picketing is to bring attention to our struggle, and make the company see the need for industry-standard wages and work rules.

The company’s offerings in contract negotiations so far, including a 35% pay raise, fall below industry standards.  Better work rules are also on the table, primarily because of an increase in fatigue reports from Allegiant pilots who have worked long hours since the airline has not complied with scheduling requests.